Plain Spherical Bearing
MAXAM SR Series Spherical
Replacement Bearings support
heavy, misaligned loads in
hostile operating environments.

MAXAM® Plain Spherical Bearing

MAXAM SR Series spherical replacement bearings not only support misaligned loads. They tolerate a greater degree of misalignment than ordinary spherical roller bearings without a loss of load-carrying capacity.


The standard SR Series spherical bearing is a two-piece design, which is ideal for heavy, lower-speed, “fixed” loadsA three-piece engineered solution is available for use when a “float” bearing is required.

Interchange Options: MAXAM Spherical Bearings

Spherical Roller

Spherical Bearing with Cylindrical Rollers

Example product no:


Spherical Bearings

MAXAM SR Series two-piece spherical plain bearing (standard)

MAXAM SR Series three-piece spherical plain bearing (available as an engineered solution)
MAXAM Bearing product numbers:

MAX22212W33 (two-piece)

MAX22212W33.3 (three-piece)