Caster Bearings

MAXAM® Caster Bearings
combine easy installation with
exceptional durability in
high-temperature environments
like caster rolls.

MAXAM® Caster Bearings

Today, MAXAM® caster bearings, specified as OEM or replacement parts, keep continuous caster rolls moving in mills across the United States. There are great reasons why caster manufacturers and steelmakers apply MAXAM caster bearings in their operations:

Simplicity. MAXAM caster bearings have a simple design, consisting of one sleeve and one bushing. No seals are required. No water cooling is required, either.

Trouble-free design and metallurgy. A cage-free, crevice-free plain bearing design eliminates means you can forget about failures caused by contaminant build-up in cages and rolling elements. In addition, the tough, ceramic-like surface of MAXAM material is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Ease of Installation. MAXAM bearings require no special tools or lengthy instructions for a fast and easy installation. Just press-fit the inner sleeve to the roll shaft and slide on the outer bushing. The roll hardware keeps everything in place.

Extreme load performance. Thanks to the specialized MAXAM material treatment process, MAXAM caster bearings survive extreme loads without damage.

Tolerance for inconsistent lube quality. While roller-element bearings require a consistent lube film to prevent failure, MAXAM caster bearings tolerate inconsistencies in lube quality caused by moisture, contamination, or extreme temperatures.

Survives Breakouts. Occasional breakouts have always meant lengthy and costly downtime, including damaged caster rolls and failed bearings. Not so with MAXAM caster bearings. No bearing is more likely to survive a breakout and last the life of the roll than the MAXAM caster bearing.

US-based manufacturing. Every MAXAM bearing is designed and manufactured at the McNeil Industries plant in Painesville, Ohio, USA, ensuring you the shortest supply chain and fastest delivery possible.

On-Time Shipment.McNeil Industries backs every MAXAM bearing with a guarantee of superior product performance and on-time shipment, per our brand promise  . If any order fails to ship on time, McNeil Industries will rebate the customer 5% of the value of any late line items on that order.